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Data update hell!


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Before I begin with this rant let me state I am on version 10.3 and have tried both metal_guitarists and Forbes updates. I have downloaded the file and in the case of Forbes' update extracted it to My Name/My Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2010/editor data. But neither the game nor the editor will recognise the files. I followed the FAQ and deleted the cache files and the config file in editor data and tried again. Still neither the editor nor the game will recognise the update files.

I've been off FM for a long time but after getting a laptop that will actually run the 3d matches I thought I'd try to give it a whirl. After digitally downloading again and spending three weeks trying to get it to install properly I thought I'd beg here for help....

Please don't ridicule me if I've missed some blatantly obvious steps...

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Which operationg system are you on?

If it is Win7, there are multiple SI folders, so you have to make sure you use exactly the right ones.

(But if I read correctly, you already did...)

If you download any other xml or dbc, do you have the same problem again, or is it just these 2 updates that are not recognized?

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