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Transfer/Improvements Pack - 03/09/2010


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This editor data contains:

- Updated transfers

On this editor data you will find completely up to date transfers up to the 3rd Sept 2010. My source was "Sky Sports Transfer Centre". I take the credit for this as i updated all these transfers throughout the summer window. This does contain transfers that went through after the window shut.

- Updated injury pack. "Gillman's Injury Model"

This pack makes injury frequency more realistic, and also give detailed names for each injury in the "injury table" section just to add realism. Full credit goes to the creator of this injury model, not myself.

- Updated english media pack. (newspapers and sources)

This contains some english media sources such as "The Sun" etc etc to add realism to the media. Full credit goes to the creator of this media pack, not myself.

This pack can be downloaded HERE


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Rapidshare had positive things too MG. No banners, commercials, no harrassing scripts or other distracting things for example.

You are correct though, that it is everything but convenient to upload your work again and again.

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Did you seek permission from Gillsman & the author of the media sources update before posting links to their work out of interest?

well no persmissionwas sought from me...

i don't mind people using my (& superbladesman's file) as long as they ask first

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