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Creating a League

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Wanted to create my own league for some time now tried it before but it went terribly wrong.

I know how to create the league and add the teams etc. But what i need to know is this:

How do i connect the leagues (planning to have four divisions)?

e.g. 20 clubs per league

Division 4: top 2 promoted 3-6 playoffs

Division 3: top 2 promoted 3-6 playoffs and bottom 3 relagated

Division 2: (same as above)

Division 1: top 2 qualify automatically for champions league 3+4 playoffs champions league 5-6 (or maybe 7th) Qualify for UEFA cup.

Then two domestic cups (of which its a knockout round from the start) All 80 teams entered.

Also how do i connect the clubs to the cup competitions and the Champions league and UEFA cup?

How do I make sure that the other leagues that I take clubs out of still have enough teams in them?

Example of Division 1:


AS Monaco


Bayern Munchen

Boca Juniors

FC Porto

Fenerbache SK

Hamburger SV



Manchester United


Real Madrid

River Plate


Spartak Moskva


Werder Bremen

West Ham United

Quite complicated i know but try to help me.

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First of all, what country have you selected to put this league in?

The leagues should all be connected automatically after you fill in the number of promotion/relegation places for each division and the playoffs you want.

The order the promotions and relegations take place depends on the order you have the leagues. On the leagues page in the editor where you add each league, you can see that order. The division listed at the top is the top division and so on down the list.

Again the connection to the European competitions happens automatically. It will depend on the country that you have the league in. If it is England for example then at the start of the game they will have 4 Champions League spots and 3 Europa League spots. This can change over time in the game just like any league. It is not really tied to the league but the country's UEFA coefficient and that determines how many clubs a country can have in Europe.

The only way to make sure the other nations still have enough teams in their leagues is by replacing each team you take out with another team.

Hope that helps. :)

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