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Build from the back

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This is the tactic I'm trying to build:



MC (Deep-lying playmaker)


The 6 defensive players are all on Defend duty, short-passing, no runs/crosses/through balls, low creative freedom. I want these 6 to play easy passes between themselves until they can work it to the playmaker.

The playmaker roams from position and doesn't close down or mark tightly, so that he can find space to receive the pass. He has a more attacking mentality and longer passing, to encourage him to look for forward passes.

The middle striker is a target man. The outside strikers swap positions and close down, to disrupt the opposition's defence.

This is how it should work in theory. But watching the match, the ball doesn't get to my playmaker. This is crucial to build from the back as the balls forward will be much better from my playmaker than from my defenders hitting it long. The 6 defenders pass between themselves but end up hitting it long or down the line to a striker. Any pointers on how to get this element of the tactic functioning? I'm playing a low defensive line, narrow, and slow tempo. Focus passing mixed (to keep my full backs involved).

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Try a:





The full backs should be full backs or wingbacks support.

The MCr should be centre mid-support. Maybe experiment with the forward runs.

The MCl should be advanced playmaker support with roaming ticked.

This will give your team more passing options and hopefully make it easier to get the ball to your playmaker.

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Thanks. It did occur to me from watching the game a little more that my Playmaker was overmanned in midfield and wouldn't be looking forward when he got the ball so I am now experimenting with moving a DM forward.

Playmaker roaming from position didn't seem to work well. Sometimes the ball would go to the left and he'd roamed over to the right, making him further away!

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I had pretty good success with 4D 1DM 2MC 3SC but am going for it now to clean up in probably my last season of FM 2010. I've got the players to fill the positions crazyscotsman suggested, I'd just like to ask what the AMC's purpose is in that team. Is he a goalscorer or setting up chances? Is the gap in central midfield a problem?

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