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Feeder Club Challenge

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The Goal

To help your feeder club win a promotion.

Challenge Rules

There aren't many rules for this challenge. As you need to have a feeder club, you must pick a league with at least two playable divisions. Then, you must take control of a team at least one division higher than that country's last playable division (i.e. any Blue Square Premier team or any team playing in a division higher than BSP) and with help of your players' on loan, you must guide your feeder team to a promotion.

I don't have to mention that this challenge will be easier to complete in some leagues (i.e. any nation with only two playable leagues or a league with less strict loan rules), but this is offering you to take control of a team and help your favorite team win a promotion.

Game Rules

When starting a new game, you are free to choose between small and medium database, it's up to you if you want to add key staff or use transfer budgets. But you must use real players and you must enable player attribute masking. You must use 10.3.0 database.

Your manager's data is also your choice, all except your reputation that must be set to automatic. After that, choose a club and save that game!

Now, if you already have a feeder club that is playing in a league lower than yours, skip this part and start playing. If you don't have a feeder club or you have one playing in a unknown league, ask your board for a new one. After you get a list, choose one from a playable league (if one is offered). There is a possibility that you can't get a lower league feeder club. If that happens, you can either start a new game (some other leagues loaded), find yourself a new club (by retiring and adding a new manager) or play until you are offered a lower league team for your feeder team.

You must send at least one player on a loan to your feeder club, but there is no maximum number of players on loan. You also cannot buy players from your feeder club.

When you finish a season, it would be nice if you kept us updated with your team's season achievements as well as your feeder team's season actions. You complete this challenge when your team gets promoted to the same division you are playing in. If your team gets relegated, you have to start over with another team.

Good luck!

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