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Manager Mind Games?

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At the moment...I am in 2ND in the premier league and Man utd are the top of the league with 3 points clear and 5 games to go...

Do you think it is good idea if I put pressure on them saying Premier league title is their in Media Press?

Because if i do that then it make my team thinking.....like what the ****....as we are only 3 points behide and my manager saying on media press to say they will win the premier league title!!!

I am not sure if is good things to try put pressure on them and hoping they will drop points....

what do you think?

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Do your talkng on the pitch, mind games are lacking a far bit in FM and it's hard to get your point across.

I would say that you would win the title, praise a few off your own players (get it right) and maybe offer a new contract to a few. Morale would be pretty high if this is done according to FM.

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