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How to increase specific stat in a player?

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Is it possible to increase a specific stat in a player?

I have terrible throw in takers and i want to get someone who can launch it into the box as i have some big beasts in my team.

I don't want to train someone specifically in the general training that throw ins comes in as i am training them in other more important areas.

It seems silly that i can't train corners or throw ins without also training about another dozen areas that i don't need.

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Unfortunately you can't just focus on one attribute.

So you need to give wingers a decent amount of set piece training to improve their crosses, even if they're never going to take a free kick or throw in in their life, which seems like a bit of a waste of time. Most of my players do not train set pieces for this reason, as a minimal improvement in crossing is of very little benefit to most players, and you only need one set piece taker, so the rest of the attributes are completely useless to 90 % of your squad anyway.

There have been a few complaints about this in the past (specifically re: crossing).

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