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Suggestion: Add a "stand in" option for offensive set pieces

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When you're designing a set piece setup, you always have to work around the guy who is does the set piece, be it the throw in artist, corner kicker, free kick guy or what have you. You have to predict which player will be the one who does the set piece and have him do something nonessential towards your tactic, like staying back.

This could be fixed very simply: add a "stand in" or "proxy" option to all the offensive tactics. Whichever player kicks the corner or whatnot, the proxy player executes the action that the set piece taker would have otherwise. A versatile player like a central midfielder or fullback would be ideal for this tactic. And of course, if the proxy player himself is called on to take the set piece, nothing in your tactic changes.

My apologies if this has already come up, this is the wrong forum for this, or what have you.

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