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Team of Brazil, Help needed please.


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Hi everyone, i am trying to use manchester city to build a full or almost full brazilian squad.

I could get quite many players, but i would like to know more brazillian players to build my youth squad or backups.

So please post as many good brazilian players that u know, thanks.

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If i only register 21 brazilian players leaving 4 slots empty, does it works?

I don't know if i remember tis correctly..

And i believe under 21 brazilian players don't have to be register too right?

Yes and Yes. The best thing for you to do now is to get the best scouts in the world and get some looking at 15-18 year olds. Some looking at 18-21 year olds. Then look at getting the best Brazilian players which play in Europe now. One player I would try and sign is Neymar from Santos. He can qualify in a few years. Also look at signing Felipe from Deportivo as back up left back.

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