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How Unrealistic and Annoying!!

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Their midfielder threads a ball through my defense, but its fine my keeper will collect it. Oh wait no! My keeper just stands there and lets the striker take the ball and tap it home! HOW UNREALISTIC AND ANNOYING! Instead of just taking 2 steps forward and picking the ball up, he just stands there for a number of seconds and lets the striker run up and kick it in.

This has cost me a number of points in the league, and it is so unrealistic.

Can football manager please do something about it, its so pathetic! :mad:

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Well, 6-0 up at home to A.Madrid and my keeper Akinfeev decided to have "one of those moments".

A route one punt by the opposing keeper, forward beats the offside trap, heads over my keeper, runs around him, then smashed the ball in from a yard out.

Such things happen.

Obviously it's frustrating to see the keeper being a little static, but then, that's what you get for having this chap in goal...


These were the days when at half-time, pie, chips and mushy peas, washed down with a pint o' stout was the norm. :)

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Although it looks bad on the 3d the problem is that the 3d graphics haven't given a good representation of what the ME has calculated.

At the end of the day it was always going to be a goal because thats what the ME calculated.

This :thup:

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