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Injuries in this game...

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Are ****ing ridiculous


No one has a training schedule above medium intensity, and of course I use a higher tempo CUZ I'M ****ING BARCELONA!!!

At one point pedro, villa, and messi, and iniesta were all injured. Like what the ****.

Over the course of about 3-4 months, dani alves, pique, puyol, maxwell, adriano, iniesta, pedro, bojan, david villa, messi, and buckets have been injured for a minimum of 7-10 days. This is absolutely absurd.

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8 injuries at the same time? That has never happened before... :rolleyes: Are you rushing players back when not fully recovered or forcing them into lots of closing down or rough challenges, or maybe not being physical enough and leaving your players open to opposition rough tactics? Are your fitness coaches or physios poor?

In a week, when your next important match probably is, you'll have only a few out injured and most of those back by the end of the month. Is it really that unrealistic? Do you actually watch or know anything about football? Look at any club last year and think just what players didn't spend any time out injured..

Players get knocks all the time and miss the occasional game and you don't even notice, while others will recover between games or play on with them. It happens.

Look at injury statistics for real life, or look at any of the millions of ****ing threads just like this one, and you'll see how injuries are pretty spot on, and if anything sometimes bordering on low. Personally I'd like a few more injuries because I rarely seem to lose more than one or two players for more than a couple of weeks and my youngsters never get a chance.


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