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Logo request for Fantasy Team


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May I please, politely, request a badge/logo for my fantasy team Wheelers F.C? It's a now defunct family club, and I would really enjoy putting their badge into the game.

The badge contained:

- Outline : Black Circle

- Y Shaped 'Spokes' to create a lorry drivers steering wheel (also in Black)

- Background: Yellow filling the gaps between the spokes

- Lettering: W in the top gap, F in the bottom left gap and C in the bottom right gap. (all in Blue)

If somebody could do this for me, I'd be ever so grateful, as all of my attempts to make it have been pitiful at best.

Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.


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I've made a quick one. I probably could have made it better but it's late. And somebody else could probably do an even better one.


Save image as should work.

That's good! Similar to the Real World badge that the team used to have before they folded. A lighter yellow maybe... and with the Y shape closer to a T shape if you get my meaning. Other than that, is very nice! Will use it until/if something better comes along.

Many thanks ashbag!!!

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