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International tactics

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I have used a wide variety of tactics off this forum. The one thing I notice is that some tactics are vastly better than others. The overloaded attacking formations work way better for me than a flexible 4-4-2. The game is not perfect. I'm looking for a little feedback on what people do when they manage internationally.

I have had great success with through the middle tactics. i.e Mr Hough and JP’s are some really good work. But when I manage internationally they're really good wingers that I overlook as a club manager, but can't afford to leave talent like that off the pitch.

So what do people do? Do you throw the talented players into unfamiliar roles and hope for the best? Or do you go with a less dominate tactic? I've had mixed results with both.

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Will usually depend entirely on the depth and quality of players available.

With strong nations and a wealth of quality players, pretty much any reasonable tactic will work. With the smaller nations, the lack quality may mean you have to tailor make a tactic to get the best out of what's available.

I've just managed to get Bosnia to the semi-finals of the European Championships, where we were promptly and unceremoniously beaten by a vastly superior France side. I was pleased to get so far with Bosnia. They have very good offensive players - a wealth of decent attacking midfielders and some good strikers, but defensively, they're awful.

I simply tried to make the most of their offensive players and hope for the best defensively, using a narrow attacking 4-2-3-1.

After the defeat, I decided to resign. There's no chance of bettering a tournament semi with this Bosnia side, because the only half-decent defensive players are all retiring. Keeping my fingers crossed for one of the bigger nations, or one with at least a bit more depth of quality.

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