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Solid 4-2-3-1 needs attacking help.

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Inspired by Mr Hough and his great success with different tactics i've decided to try and develop my own tactic! I've done some testing with various teams, mostly with Everton and from what I can see it seems to be rock solid at the back(I think I got the nike defence working alright) although any suggestions that can improve the defence is more than welcome.






is the setup, the DMCr is the more attacking one while the DMCl is the anchor man. In 19 with Everton games I scored 34 and conceded 8 goals but my problem is creating CCC's. Against good opposition I normally have the most possession but I don't seem to create any chances and I don't have the experience or tactical knowledge to improve the attack it seems.

So i'll upload it here and hope that someone can help me improve this tactic into a beast, I think it has the potential to be really good.

http://www.filefront.com/17276453/4-2-3-1 Test2 (Everton, Des 2009).tac

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It is exactly the same setup that i'm trying to create.

I've conceeded very few with my Bayern Munich side (9 goals in 34 games), but scoring can be an issue sometimes.

The few things I can see to improve the scoring possibilities are :

- playing more direct on the AMCs / DMCs

- allow a lot of creative freedom on the front 4

- asking your AMC a lot of "run with ball" " play deep" and "you-can-come-deep-to-get-the-ball-stuff" (don't know the name :p)

- I'm alm also trying some strange stuff like position swap (AMCL and AMCR // AMC and ST) for example. Seems to confuse the defense a little bit.

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I personally use this setup for wide players regardless if their role is Winger or Inside forward. It's same if I play 4-2-3-1 or 4-5-1.

Run from deep - Rare or mixed.

Run with ball - Mixed or often. It depends on Run from deep setup. If it's RFD mixed then RWB is mixed, if RFD is rare then RWB is often.

Through balls are usually mixed.

Crossing is rare.

For AMC I use RFD on rare or mixed it depends if I have wingers or inside forwards.

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Im trying to use this type of tactic with Australia. I've just started using the nike defense system. Using 2 CM instead of 2 DMC's, one of them ball winning def the other deep lying playmaker (he is the play maker).

I play very wide but focus the passing through the midfield with short passing and a quick tempo. This seems to stretch the defense for the passes to cut back through the midfield.

The middle AMC plays as an inside forward and the other 2 as attacking midfielders (one attack, one support). The ST plays as an Advanced forward who holds up the ball (he also has target man set to feet).

My Tactic is set to control to try keep possession and pick the right moments to attack.

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I tried it out in a few games, since I am working on a tactic that uses the same formation at the moment. Offensively, in my opinion (wich can very well be wrong, but you asked for some input so here it goes!), you have two main problems. The first problem is that the mentalities of the team are too far apart. This would not be so bad for a counterattacking system but since you seem to be aiming at a possession based tactic I would suggest lowering the gap between the defending players' mentality and the attacking ones - this will give you better passing options, make your team more compact and close down space even better.

Secondly, your attacking players are not working as a unit, but rather as individuals, wich is fine if you have a really top team but not good enough if you want to punch above your weight. What I mean is, your players don't look to create space for each other. There are various options you can try to ammend this, perosnaly I would reccomend taking a look at two tactcis from this forum to draw inspiration from. The first one would be http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/221292-10.3-4-2-3-1-Special-OneTop-2.0-Classic-best. Essentially, this uses the 3 AMCs to drop deep and create space for the striker by drawing the defenders out of possition.

The second would be Kawee's 4-3-3 http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/224902-433-The-Real-Invincibles!-(3-seasons-unbeaten-and-counting...). Here we have a brilliant implementation of the "false nine" - look at how the striker is used in order to create space for the onrushing midfielders and wingers. I am sure there are countless ways to achive good results, I just thought I'd mention these two as examples to better illustrate what I mean by creating space, wich really is the basis of any succesfull attack.

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