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What is the lowest score for an official you've seen?


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In my last game, German Cup 3rd round, I am Wolfsburg away at Schlacke. Im 2nd in the league and they are 4th so I knew going in that it would be a tight game.

Official for the game is Hamrich Stark...what a name. Anyway I dominated possession and on target shots (9- 11), they had more total shots but 12 of their 15 shots were blocked. I scored 4 goals in regulation all called back for offsides. We go into Extra time and I score within 3 minutes but again its called back for offsides. I ended up with 7 offsides calls in the game. 119th minute their keeper lets off a hoofball and my keeper who hadn't been beaten in 357 minutes (according the the end of game report) and has let in all of 3 goals all season watches this goal keeper shot bounce in front of him then roll past him. Winner, winner chicken dinner.

At the end of the game the ref is ripped for a horrible performance and says all 5 goals were questionably called off. I checked his rating after the game and he had a 1. Also forgot to mention 7 yellow cards given, 3 for me and 4 for them.

I feel cheated out of this result for sure.:(

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Short update. Same ref did another game of mine in December this time vs Frankfurt who were 11th and I was still in 2nd. Almost a complete opposite happened as the ref supported me in most of the calls and was lambasted in the post game by the Frankfurt coach (who 1 day later was fired). I won easily 3-0 holding them to 3 shots all game, all long and none on target. Glad the reverse happened and not all the bad calls go against me. Just wish the officials could also be penalized if they are consistently bad.

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