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I just got my pc upgraded, so now FM 2010 should finally work. before installation i have a few questions, so i ask them here:

1) I usually don't like steam much, but i've seen there are achievements for FM10, and they seem quite fun. However i hae some questions. I know that with steam your game is automatticly updated. But what about kit and logo packs? are they just as easy to install as non-steam?

2) last game i played was FM08, and i sometimes used genie scout and the real time editor. (FMM or something like that). Are they usable when playing in steam, and can anyone give me a link to them?


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Steam installation just puts all the game files under the Steam directory. Since FM uses a "modding" directory placed, by default, under MY Documents, you can just add anything you want there ... kits, logos, tactics, skins, panels, search filters etc.

Edit: And if you really dislike Steam, then you can still install the "old-fashioned way" and play with the CD in the PC.

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