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WHy have I not got Suggar Daddy Yet? (FMHi)

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Im in my 4th season now with Huddersfield town and still havent got sugar daddy. Why is this? when I look in the Hints & Tips section at Sugar Daddy it says win like 3 titles and 2 promotions for a lower rep club. Below is my manager profile.

Played 188

Won 116

Drew 55

Lost 17

For 336

Against 167

Club/Player Loyalty 11

Domestic Player Bias 8

Financial Control 16

Transfer Acumen 17

Youth Policy 8

Rep Continental

League Titles 3

Cup Titles 6

Players Bought £51m

Players Sold £8m

Rank -

Manager Pts 1371

Also Im still unable to get the National Job even with them stats.

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  • SI Staff

Can you indicate what exactly you have won - I think Huddersfield are too large to count as a 'small' club for this unlockable which means you'll have higher requirements than otherwise - winning cups is the key thing if I remember right (FA Cup and European Cups especially).

If I get a chance I'll try and run through the code and ascertain exactly what I think you need to win to unlock it if you post what you've done so far.

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Right Ive won

x2 FA Cups

x2 League Cups

x1 Johnstones Paint Trophy

x1 Coca-Cola Championship

x1 Coca-Cola League One

x1 English Premier League

x1 FA Community Sheild

Surely I should have it already I mean Huddersfield arent exactly a high rep club like man utd or chelsea

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  • SI Staff

The problem is that they weren't tiny to start with and I doubt they're a low reputation club now because of how you've performed - as such I think the requirements are probably fairly high.

I'm having to 'guess' with regards to the data involved (as I don't have your save game) - but I reckon you need to win two more major cups to definitely unlock it, by 'Major' I mean the FA Cup and any half-decent European Cup competition.

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