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Age-Transfer issue


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Hi, i was wondering if the age limit for buying the players could be lifted in the future versions of FM ?

Lets say there is a young talented player in Croatia, he is only 16.

My club wouldnt be able to buy him until he is 18, which means i cant train or tutor him for those 2 years.

result- waste of his talents

in real life arsenal, chelsea etc.. buy lots of under 18 players, just a year ago Chelsea brought a countrymen of mine who was only 16.

so, why this rule ?

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I think you can buy them, but they don't arrive at your club until the transfer window after they turn 18. IRL those kinds of players would I guess have the use of the training facilities and might spend some time at the club, but by and large I think they remain with their clubs until they are old enough to move.

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my mistake guys, you are right.

the example i have given you was regarding a turkish player, he was under 18 but still signed for chelsea.

i found out he also has dutch nationality, now it make sense.

still though, i wish we were allowed to sign youngsters from all around the globe, imagine how fun it would be?

we would fill our youth team with talents around the world.

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That's sorta what the rule is supposed to stop you doing


1) Talents from around the globe don't always make it at the highest level, and so that's have the potential to damage somebodys life

2) Youth teams are meant to develop you're own countries players, if say, West Ham decided to develop foreigners, not englishmen, then England probably wouldnt be able to field a competitive squad Internationally ever again :p

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