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North American *UKNOWN* Talents


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Im from Honduras and yes, Anthony Lozano has a pre-contract with tottenham and is moving to England when he gets 18. There were some news about him in the spurs website about 2 months ago. Im guessing Andy Najar(16-17 years old) who is another honduran/american who plays for DC united and is in the race to win the MLS rookie of the year is going to be in FM11 because arsenal is rumored to be interesting in him and he is going to London at the end of the year.

Edit: Its funny, all the players you listed are from CENTRAL america and the caribean lol.

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I managed Guatemala for a big save and Herrarte became great, at least by Guatemala standards, I had a lot of quality regens though and he still had to fight for his place, but he was probably the best non-regen in the squad.


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