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Database Testing and Development


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All you serious database makers,

How do you like to test and improve your database?

Currently I leave it running and have it save at largely spaced regular intervals for a few seasons. I then pick a few random teams of each level (title challenge, mid table, reg battle) in each league under test.

Assuming all is well with stability I check how things change and numbers for the finances of each at club each point in time (most important at end of season); I check wage budgets, prize money winnings, transfer budgets and most importantly bank balance. I also check reputation using external programs and I also check that over the course of a few seasons things run roughly as expected among other non numerics ie; euro progress, sucess after promotion or relegation and the national development.

I do this about 5 times to ensure things run about on plan (I have had some very interesting situations come up during testing that can only be attributed to the randomness of the game!)

I find this VERY tiresome, I was wondering how others approached testing and if there are any programs that can generate spreadsheets to make this a whole lot easier (tabulating the above for all clubs, rather than a select few)

I hope that with the next game I can take the lessons learnt about all the new features and make my future projects my best ever! I am happy with my main current one but it just took so long to develop I didn't get to do all the depth of detail I wanted to explore.

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