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Where's my knighthood?


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Fantastic players, and a whole load of luck, e.g Scoring a 'Fergie Time' winner against Liverpool to make it 2-1, and coming from behind twice to beat Everton 6-2. I also got quite a few goals from corners, and I know some people might go OMG corner exploit, but I can assure people it wasn't, and I'd be happy to upload as many PKMs as it takes to prove that. I should really give credit to the tactic as well (Mr. Hough classic if anybody's interested). Although of course, you can't have everything, I got knocked out of the CL by Panathanaikos on away goals!

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I know but I'm in the next season now, so I don't think I can get a screenshot like that. I think I got 20 goals from corners last season though.

I used to use a shoddy self made 4-4-2 which got me a fair bit of success, but it was awful football. Made the switch to Mr Hough and 3/4 years later this happens.

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A screenshot like this is the quickest way to satisy the doubters.

That a superb record though, that guy's tactics must be pretty crazy!

Its a quality tactic alright but It requires the right players with the right attributes so its impressive nonetheless.

BTW 2082???!!! Thats unbelievable- must have a massive hour count

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I said earlier that I'm in the next season so I don't think I can give you that, unless its possible to look at that table retrospectively? I'll start uploading some PKMs in a minute if you like?

EDIT: Ok, here's 7 games, I believe they all contain goals from corners: Any more proof needed? I'll upload all the games from that season. I'm in the process of saving them all anyway.








http://www.mediafire.com/?53481dw30uts8 (whole folder)

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This is certainly a splendid performance by any standards but I'm not sure it warrants a knighthood on it's own (unless the reigning monarch is a Man U fan...lol).

Typically knighthoods only are awarded to those that have done something for their country as well (apart from cases of lifetimes at one club).

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Fantastic season you got there, 0.5 against on average is probably quite hard to beat not to mention the 156 goals scored!

Keep it up,


Not really that hard to beat. In my third season as Basel I had 13 against in the league out of 36 games. But in all fairness, my Basel team was light years ahead of the Swiss League. I had the 3 best keepers in the league, and my 4th and 5th choice were 5th and 6th best. But I never managed to win every game. I had two draws at the end of the season when I was playing reserves.

So congrats. New challenge now, maybe?

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Here's my efforts from my FM09 Stoke save, with Keirrison. Screenshots, proofs etc are documented across last years Stoke thread on the good player guide, my own tactics thread and the Danny Roberts challenge thread with a large amount of screenshots. I don't mind some scepticism but I have put considerable effort putting the proof to the legitimacy of the save. Real Madrid under the final few years of Rafa Benitez were even more insane though as he was in a league of pretty much regen only managers.


261 games unbeaten and counting


Only 5 goals conceded in a season


241 goals scored in a season


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Then here is what Real Madrid did under the AI (this substantiates the claims of how easy the game actually became where Benitez was the only 'original' manager left and dominated with Real Madrid)


Pretty average top 4 side as you can see.


His first full season


The following season.

By that point I put up a post somewhere on the forums where every manager was looked at and screenshots put up I think to show how bad the spanish league was for managers, because despite these showings Real Madrid never made a CL semi-final under Benitez. All the good managers were in England or Italy like Guardiola, Rijkaard etc. Benitez dominated Spain for another season and then retired and Real Madrid slipped back to being a pretty average side.

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