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Suggestion: Scout report improvement

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I think the scout report area could be improved a lot more than its current state. The ambiguity and lack of information in this area is more often than not the reason for using external scouting tools.

At the moment it doesn't seem to make a difference whether you scout for just a report card or 3 matches. There should be options to scout a player for 1, 2, or 3, weeks rather than just 1, 2, 3, matches. Then the scout report should include more details as the scouting duration increases.

Personality (refer to this thread): the personality report should have some more content than what is already in the personal profile tab. There should be at least a rough indication of what each of the 8 personality attributes are, without compounding all the information into one or two descriptive words.

Strengths and weaknesses: This area shouldn't describe what is already there in the visible attributes. But they should focus more heavily on the hidden attributes such as consistency, important matches, injury proneness, dirtiness, versatility. Sometimes the scout reports include this information but a lot of the times it is not there. And trying to figure out these attributes by looking at their match history is kind of non-sense tbh.

The space for these information should always be there. But obviously the maximum scout report information should only be available through long term scouting or actually signing the player.

So if the scout report is made in 1 week, it won't be as accurate so the scout could report back to say they don't know about this particular thing about the player.

So it would look like this. (probably in smoother sentences to cater for those 'RPGing' players)

Personality: [Adaptability] - very high [Professional] - unknown

[Ambition] - low [sportsmanship] - very low

[Loyalty] - somewhat high [Temperament] - unknown

[Pressure] - unknown [Controversy] - unknown

Strengths & Weaknesses: consistency - somewhat consistent

important matches - unknown

dirtiness - very dirty

versatility - unknown

injury proneness - unknown

Transfer information: Only thing here I guess is that the required transfer fee should only be blank if it is way higher than what the club can afford.

also with scouts, I think it should be more improved to be like the coach 'stars'.

At the moment there are formulas to determine the number of stars for coaches.

This should be implemented for scouts as well.

So a 5 star scout would be able to break up a personality stat or a hidden stat into 5 levels (1-4, 5-8, 9-12, 13-16, 17-20) and report accordingly in words, whereas a 4 star scout would only be able to differentiate into 4 levels.

And there should be certain information that a 4 star scout can only find out after like 3 weeks, which a 5 star scout can find out in 2 weeks.

What do you guys think?

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I would whole-heartidly agree with you on this. This area is too generic and like you say, tells you information you can generally already tell. A Scout report should identify more of those hidden attributes and give us a more detailed report of things we cannot see.

I am very fond of the final points you make about the star system and such.

Just to clarify; so a 1star scout would simply be able to say: determination: Determined or undertimed, a generic sort of answer unless it was clearly obvious, eg 20s then they could say very determined/undetermined, where as a 5star scout could say:

Player with, for example, 19 for determination and 16 for ambition: A very determined player thanks also to high levels of ambition(combines other attributes to givea better idea, whilst not giving it away too much where as a 3/4 star scout would not combine other attributes as much?),

Player with, for example, 15 for determination and 12 for ambition: A fairly determined player that appears to be ambitious on several accounts (shows the player is fairly ambitious but not overly, but can only say this if he has done a report over a longer period of time. If he did a short remort, it would be more like 'appears to be fairly ambitious' rather than 'ambitious on several accounts'.),

Player with, for example, 5 for determination but 18 for ambition: A very ambitious player that is largely let down by his determination to succeed,

etc, etc, etc

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my wish is to reduce SPAM scout reports and introduce quick/extended scout reports

- quick reports - the way it is at the moment - if your scout is crap one, you need to send him twice to reveal all info;

- extended - saving 2 clicks - for sending scout + reading partial/SPAM reports, it will take more time to complete

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I completely agree with the OP. However, I believe that it should take much longer than 3 weeks to obtain detailed feedback on hidden attributes. Realistically I would expect to scout a player for 3-6 months before I understand what makes him tick. However, there is no doubt that ongoing scouting should give a good indication of personality traits. In real life, scouts follow players for several months (sometimes years) for this very reason. You can usuallly tell a players ability from watching him a couple of times but only continued scouting will identify how consistent he is or how well he deals with pressure etc.

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Yeah and this also relates to the report tab of your own players as well.

We should really know the complete ins and outs of a player that has been in the team for several seasons. It is seriously unrealistic to think that you know next to nothing about a player's personality and other tendencies after years of working together.

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