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Everyone is Equal


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I've searched around for a similar thread to no avail so I've decided to ask here.

Does anyone know of any editor files that completely level out the playing field for all clubs (or most). I would like to play a game more akin to the one we knew before money took over. I'm not sure what levelling factors I would like to see - maybe the following:

The same club reputation

The same club finances

Each club having about the same number of quality players (difficult to implement?)

Less wages (I'm not sure if player demands is linked to the amount of money in the game?)

No TV money

All clubs having poor/average training and youth facilities

I know nothing about the editor so I was wondering if anyone knew of something similar that has already been prepared?


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Having been looking at the Editor for a while and doing a few tests i think i'm getting the hang of it.

Would I be right in thinking that if i wanted to lower TV money and prize money in England I would have to set up Nation Rules which would effectively override the hardcoded rules? To do it properly would be to add all the existing leagues in England to my Nation Rules.

Then could I add blank nation rules for all other nations (or maybe just very high profile nations) which would effectively wipe out them streams of income?

Does anyone know how background clubs (e.g. clubs in Italy when i don't have them loaded at all) get money?

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