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help my curiosity

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hopefully ill get some helpful answers

1, im a big fan of mr hough, but want im confused with is why do his tactics have man tight on all but 3 outfield players, does this really make a difference

2, in this version of fm are inside forwards really better then wingers

3, how do you get your centre mids to be more involved, ie passing, assists and scoring

many thanks, and hopefully the answers will help to knock down my brick wall

and just in case it helps, i play g, rb cb cb lb, dm, cm cm, rw lw, cf.

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1. Yes it does. It means your players are always tight on their marker, applying pressure to the player with the ball, and also tracking runs very closely. Requires lots of work-rate against opponents who are constantly moving though.

2. I wouldn't say so. However, I believe that crossing is relatively quite ineffective, which in turn means wingers aren't very effective.

3. You have to set your CM and the team in such a way. You want assists? Get him the ball in a position where he has runners to pass to. You want goals? Create space up front for him to run into.


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Just thought I'd offer a little more depth on question 2. Inside forwards can be really effective on FM if you have the right players and it suits your tactic. Saying that the same can be said for wingers. Overall I wouldn't say that inside forwards and always more effective on FM10 than wingers, it really depends what sought of players you've got and your tactic.

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I think what most people find is that inside forwards are at times easier to set up because it relies mainly on three components:

space to run into

a relatively creative passer/distributer

and a decent winger

For a normal winger people must remember to untick hug touchline unless you want your player to get to byline and cross 100% of the time. A lot of tweaking is required to get your winger to go inside and outside the defender so even if you dont have a Crouch or Dzeko you can consistently get onto the end of cross and through balls from the winger. This requires

a winger which is capable either mentally if not just going down wing to cross or physically if doing so.

good settings for both winger and forward to get into space

space to run into

a number of targets in the box (ie not like Spain in World Cup who only ever had 1 or 2 in box at any one time)

full backs must get forward to support wingers or wingers may be one against 2/3 due to covering midfielders, plus advanced full backs allow

Considering what I have said for wingers I would say have your short playmaker and striker hanging back and your tall mid and striker getting forward. Also experiment to try and get your other winger to arrive in the box late.

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