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FM retirement (from buying)

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I stand before you, the press and the fans/supporters of the great game to officially announce my retirement from this great game (buying it). I knew the time was coming but I didn't want it to arrive so I stand before you today with this .... my um er retirement from the great game.

Its with great sadness I have decided to retire from FM games all together. Currently I am unemployed and my mobile bill is way higher than I thought it would be this month which means I either pay my mobile or get the game.

I can afford to get the game when I get a job, hopefully I get a job soon but when I do, I have more important bills to pay like my car registration and pay my mum back the money I will owe her, she is paying for my car rego for now.

Then there is my daughter, I will be seeing her more and more soon and then I got to pay off a silly vodafone mobile debt also then get a loan for a new car. So I doubt I will be buying FM2011 and I wont be playing it unless I get it for Free. It's sad I wont be getting it because I been playing the great game since CM 01/02 in 2000.

But I will keep playing FM2010 and posting in the forums but when I post it will be about FM2010. And I will post this sad news in the forums now and I bet I get a few who will pick on me ha ha !

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