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Youngster keeps leaving team. Is this a bug?

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Hey guys, I'm currently managing Freiburg and I have this stud 16 year old regen, Matt Volz. According to FMgenie he is the best striker prospect in the game universe(CA wise).

Here is the problem. His current contract ends in 2013, the current date in the saved game is May 2011. However, when it comes time for the German teams to release their youth players, I get a message saying Volz had left after being unable to make an impression. After seeing this I quit the game and rel-loaded from my last save point. First thing I do upon restart is offer Volz a pre-contract ending in 2015. He accepts and I move along without fear. Then, what do you know he leaves again! Whats going on here?

Couple things that may help.

1) Volz spent his entire time at the club on my u19.

2) We have finished 13th and 15th in the 1st division.

My first thought is that in his eyes my club is not "worthy" of his talents. But, then why would he sign a contract keeping him around for two extra years.

Any ideas?

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