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Pitch size in relation to tactics employed. Which way do you go?

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For this season I am using the minimum sized pitch, 110yds x 70yds. In accordance with TT '10 etc, my tactics involve the following. A higher defensive line, shorter passing and a slightly wider width. A dilemma sometimes appears when my scouts tell me that team 'X' struggle vs a deeper defensive line, more direct passing and a narrower width. Due to the dimensions of my pitch, what do I do? Sometimes a similar problem will arise when my scouts information about a teams tactics is in direct conflict with how that team normally plays. Again, what is the best way to proceed? I might add that I am playing as manager of Ipswich Town, in the Championship. I am currently in second place behind Hull City in November 2010. I took the Ipswich job from being unemployed in February 2010. Kind regards.

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