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2 questions (patch and FM11)

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The changes/benefits that the 10.3 patch can bring to FM10 are listed in this thread.

I believe you can install the FM10.3 patch and it can improve/remove some of the bugs and this will update your career save, although obviously player updates etc. wont show.

With regards FM11, you have the opportunity to start a new career save with the added bonues of dynamic league reputatuons, improved press conferences, a set piece edior and imrpoved media/graphics. Obviously lots more too. More details available in the forum, podcast and daily blogs.

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I would seriously recommend that you install the 10.3 patch asap. It will fix a lot of bug that are in the game. It also helps with the crash dump problem that a lot of users are experiencing. It contains a data update but to use that you'd have to start a new game. You can get the bug fixes without having to start a new game though.

As for fm11 read the blogs and other announcements currently on this forum.

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He's 14 seasons in, why patch now? Especially if he's not getting crash dumps, which depsite the outrage on here only affected a tiny minority of people and were caused by certain system set ups. Out of the box was fine, it was only the 10.2 patch that sent things mental and had to be corrected in 10.3.

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What DLR is that if a few clubs from wales get a lot/fair amount of success, Then many people will start to notice it. Big players will want to play there, More TV fans & revenue, more attendence, all over development of league etcetc.

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Secondly, what is in FM11 that could sway be into ditching my amazing career save in FM 2010?

- Live contract negotiations, including the introduction of agents

- Twitter & YouTube integration

- Huge improvements to the 3D match viewer, including 100’s of new animations, player emotions, new stadia, and new celebrations.

- A new training system, including match preparation

- Dynamic league reputation

- Lots of new news items, and a better news display system

- New match analysis options

- A set piece creator

- A revamp of the press conferences

- A new system for generating players

- Improvements to b-teams and amateur teams

- A new conversation player interaction system

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