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Custom Player Roles

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My favourite new feature for 2010 has been the player roles, and being able to change a MC (for example) from a 'box to box midfielder' to an 'advanced playmaker' with just a couple of clicks, rather than fiddling with lots of sliders in the advanced options. However, I do find the advanced options useful once the broad role has been defined, for example to change the frequency of long shots.

My suggestion is that custom player roles could be saved, so that if the current range of options aren't wide enough users can create their own, without losing the functionality the current system has.

Any thoughts or ideas?

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Yeah that sounds pretty good.

Do you imagine it working with the old sliders and being able to save and name them for quick reference - and also giving to other users.

Yeah pretty much like that, the same way that Tactics can be saved and shared on the forums here etc.

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I could not agree more with this statement. Having the option to swap players positions and keep their settings would be such a useful feature.

Ive been talking about this for over a year now....

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I think my idea's slightly different, in that it doesn't touch the individual player's screen, but is done through the tactics. I've attempted some mock-ups, but my paint skills aren't all that!

This is how the tactics screen (Team Instructions) currently looks, and these are the options I have for my AMC:


Here's how it currently looks on the Player Instructions:


I want to make some changes to how the Trequartista operates, which I do below using the sliders and whatnot. At the top is the option to 'Save', so I can easily change between this custom role and the predefined ones.


I've saved this role as 'Creator', any name will do though! It now appears on the list of available roles like so:



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I'm sure I've read through and commented on a couple of similar ideas... all make sense to me! :)

I'd love to be able to save roles and/or player instructions, sure there's plenty more features to be announced so who knows, it might be possible this year. I won't be getting my hopes up but it would be nice.

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