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[RELEASE] The SOK Bumper Commentary Pack V5 *UPDATED 01/10/10*

Jolly Oli

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The SOK Bumper Commentary Pack 2010

Version 5

1st October 2010

And now for something slightly different

Another 450 added lines... But this time with a twist. Download version 5 to find out what it is.

The SOK Bumper Commentary Pack is an ongoing work and the team plan to provide an update on the last Friday of every month. As always we appreciate your input. If there are any lines you would like to see included in future versions or if you want to be kept informed of the latest developments email EatMySok@hotmail.co.uk.



Version 5 - 1st October 2010

Download links





From the team that brought you the KROL commentary file back in 2005 comes a brand new commentary pack for Football Manager 2010.

Just to refresh your memory, the 2007 KROL file was developed over several years and included the work of the legendary Taipan. After we were contacted by Sports Interactive, parts of the file were later implemented in Football Manager 2006.

This year, we decided to bring the team back and work on a brand new commentary file, an aspect of the game which we feel has been a bit too generic and repetitive over the last few years.

Initially, we had problems with the pack but with the help of Seafire - whose new addition to the team came as a blessing in disguise - we were able to overcome these problems and successfully implement around 2000 modified commentary lines which we hope will enhance your gaming experience. These lines have been thoroughly tested and there have been no reported problems.

The new modifications to the commentary file include the following:

* More goal celebrations

* More in game comments involving the managers

* More in game comments involving the players

* More lines creating larger sense of drama for different occasions ie comebacks, winning a trophy/title

* Improved media references

* and much more....

Please be aware that this pack has been designed for English commentary only and will not work for any other languages.

Our main aim is to ultimately change every line of SI's original commentary, along with as many alternatives as we can in an attempt to provide the fans with as less repetitive a gaming experience as possible for each game.

We would welcome your feedback and in the meantime we will be starting work on Version 2.

************************************************** ***********************************************


Find the ’events’ file on your hard drive by going to 'My Computer' and opening the C: drive.

Depending what, if any, update you’ve installed the path will be something like:

C:/Program Files/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2010/data/updates/update-1030/data/events

Or for Steam users:

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\football manager 2010\data\events

Unzip the ‘events’ file in this download and simply replace the one in this folder. You might want to back it up first.

Don’t replace ‘match_sounds’.

If you have any problems please email EatMySok@hotmail.co.uk and we’ll do our best to help.

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Thanks for your comments guys, it's good to know it's being received well. Yes, it is a lot of work but it's very gratifying work when we get comments like yours.

Version 6 is under way already, we never stop working on the commentary as there's still a bit to do and so much we want to do so it'll keep us going for some time yet!

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Marco Borghesi, dagoonerfan, bboy123

Version 5, the version currently available, won't work very well - if at all - with FM 2011.

The next version, version 6, will work with FM 2011 as this version contains the 31 new lines added by SI. Expect a release of version 6 very soon. We're just tidying a few things up at the moment.

Is it comedy? No, we wouldn't say it is. There are a few comedic lines in it yes, but in the main it's straight commentary.

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