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memory problems...

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How far into your save are you?

The longer your save, the more memory it takes up and eventually you'll reach a point where you can't continue.

For me with every league loaded this happened around 2018.

The answer to make it last longer is to load less leagues.

In your current position though a workaround would be to save your game, quit then restart FM, reload your save and play on. You should be able to work out how many matches you can play before you suffer memory issues.

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Well, Pagefile is lika slow RAM on the harddisk.

Heres how to increase it.

Go to mycomputer--> Properties-->Advanced Tab-->Performance-->Advanced-->Virtual Memory(Change)-->Enter the amount and click set.

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How much ram do you have?

How many leagues are you running?

What other programs do you have running at the same time as FM?

Have you tried using gamebooster which is a small free program that will temporarily stop all un-needed programs and processes thus freeing up more ram to use with fm?


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