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So I'm getting to the annual phase of the game where I need to select a 25-man squad to compete with in the Premier League. Now, as has always been the case, 8 players classified as HomeGrown in England must be selected. The problem? I have only 6. Including my reserves, including the U-18's, I have only six home-grown players.

I've come across this problem before, and what I generally do is holiday a day or so and let the ME work its magic. This time, however, I have done that, and my new 20 mil signing Steven Defour has been left unregistered. I would obviously love to have one of my other non-English over 21's unregistered instead of my expensive new signing, but no matter how many times I have quit and tried messing things up and holidaying again, it is always he that is left unregistered.

Is there a way to fill the quota of English players while keeping registering Defour?


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