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FM 2011 recommended pc specs???

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any news on what the recommended specs for the 2011 release is?

wouldnt mind knowing in advance so i can update the pc if needed the screenshots look like a good graphics card is needed.....

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There has been no announcement about the specs so far but it is likely that if your computer ran FM 10 well, it should also run FM 11 well. A dedicated graphics card from either NVidia or ATI with at least 128MB of its own memeory is recommended but get a better one if you can.

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Even though it's not yet officially announced and Miles won't confirm this on twitter, the following specs are posted on Steam's pre-order page for FM 2011:

PC System Requirements

OS: Windows XP/Vista/W7

Processor: XP : 1.4GHz or Faster, Vista/W7 : 2.0GHz or Faster

Memory: XP : 512MB RAM, Vista/W7 : 1.0GB RAM

Graphics: 128MB Supported Chipsets - Nvidia FX 5900 Ultra or greater; ATI Radeon 9800 or greater; Intel 82915G/82910GL or greater. Earlier cards may only display 2D Match Viewer Mode and are not supported

DirectX: Version 9.0c (included)

Hard Drive: 2GB

Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible

Mac System Requirements

OS: OS X version Leopard 10.5.8, Snow Leopard 10.6.3, or later.

Processor: Intel Processor

Memory: 2GB

Graphics: Nvidia Geforce 7300 GT or greater; ATI Radeon X1600 or greater

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