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World National Leauge help needed


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Hi, I like managing international teams so I decided to create an anual league competion, 13 leauges of every fifa country in the world!

However for this to work I need to edit a countries nation rules, I wasn't hoping for much, hell i thought it would fail instantly, but it does not, after editing the national rules of Liechtenstein there are indeed 13 leauges almost full of international teams!

However in the top leauge, the 5 clubs that are labled to come from Liechtenstein (they play in the switzerland leauges in real life)are placed in the top leauge replaceing the first 5 nations alphabetically. Simply deleting these 5 clubs creates a crash dump.

Now I am stuck :(

any help, if possible, would be very much appreciated.


*edit* just made myself look silly, If I just place a meaningless leauge above it can work, I have now based it in Fiji!

*edit* *edit* Now i am confused, Fijian teams (especially BA) seem to fill more then 1 leauge somehow, every leauge down to Leuage 10 has a Fijian team in, 10-13 are fine. not sure why but all southamerican nations are gone.

current teams missing from the top, Argentina, Brazil, Chilie, Egypt, Uruguay. Most curios.

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