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A suggestion for International management.

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I'm England boss in 2037, and I've got a world class bunch of players to pick from, but I've noticed my first choice left back isn't getting games. It's not because he's not brilliant, he is, it's because the club he's at, Spurs, since I left them a few years ago, have gone from 4 at the back to 3 at the back, meaning that he only gets the odd game at CB(which I trained him to play at before I left, but he's not natural there) as their CB's are also world class. What I'd like to do, is to tell him that he needs to be getting first team football regularly, at left back, so should leave the club in order to achieve that. Or is this possible already, and I've just not worked out how yet.

I did try to sign him for my West Ham team, but he wasn't having any of it! Slightly annoying, Seeing as I took him to Liverpool when I was there, took him to Spurs, put him in the England team ahead of the established and inferior(IMO) left back, so I'd like to think that he'd want to link up again.

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i think you need to remove him from the national team first before the "get first team football" interaction is available

I think so too.

Does the 'get first team football' interaction affect the players desire to leave or is it cosmetic?

Mostly results in transfer. Not always.

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