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Help please! - not enough international goalkeepers!

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Hi all,

Searched, but couldn't find anything on this.

I've been given the Honduras international job, and have had a few games, all going fine until now...

There only appear to be 4 Honduran Goalkeepers in the game. One is retired from international football, and one (my first choice) is currently injured. However, I now need to name my squad for the next game, and can't seem to do anything, as it keeps telling me that the squad needs to include at least 3 keepers! I literally cannot do anything, as it won't let me progress past this point without confirming my squad (which I can't do).




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The way to work around this is to name your squad including your 2 goalkeepers, but leave one slot in your squad unused. The game will count that unused slot as being your third goalkeeper, although when it comes to actual games you'll only have two to pick from, of course.

(edit - got numbers wrong, fixed now)

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