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I have major fitness problem..All my players are tired non stop

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Bah I am like 13th season into the game and now I am managing Liverpool I won the title last season but this one I am getting slaughtered.

I started without club and spent most of my carrear in Russia and lower leagues till Aston Villa hired me and Finished 8 but at them I found huge problems wiht my players staying fit

I dont rotate a lot but I didint have many matches with Villa but during end of each match my players were plumeting to 50tish or 60tish..

Now with Liverpool I cant play two games in a row I just played for League cup everybody finished with 60 and now they are all tired for premier league

Yes I did play most of the reserves but still..In premier league I always loes my fitness aafter 60 minutes and U can tell what happens.

even in 35/40 minutes of first half Its hard to keep them running

Yes I have 3 physions and 2 fitness coaches and 5 star in training.. ..I just dont know what to do I cant rotate non stop and half of those players cant player 2 games a week no matter what i do

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