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There's something I don't understand about a new game I just made. I loaded most European leagues and created a manager with Pakistani/Malaysian dual nationality (don't ask me why, I just took two random countries) and automatic reputation. I started unemployed, and I wanted to start at a small club in a weaker league and slowly work my way to the top. So off I went on holiday, applying for every available job. I was expecting something like the Romanian, Czech or Ukranian second division.

My holiday didn't last long though, I got an offer the very first day, from NK Zagreb no less, one of the biggest teams in Croatia. And here's the stupidest part: after spending half a season with them and doing relatively well (currently second in the league one point behind the leaders about halfway through the season), I get news items about me being rumoured as the new manager of Portsmouth!

No disrespect to Pakistani and Malaysian football, but how on earth does a 30-year old unproven manager from these countries even come into the conversation at a Premier League club? And how did I get the Zagreb job in the first place?

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no it isnt. Automatic means your rep is automatic, it will adjust to the lowest league you load, so this may be higher or lower depending on what you start with. Sunday League footballer is the lowest you can go every time regardless of leagues loaded.

- Taking over meaning that you took control of the club, you did that when you clicked 'Accept'

Have a look here for details of how it works and what is percieved to be wrong with it

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