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[FM10] YNWA.....Can I be the new Reds boss please???


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My name is Kyle and I am a life long Liverpool fan. This thread is basically a carbon copy of the one i put in new signings thread, but was told it should come in here. I have been playing this series since the 90's when Championship Manager kicked off. (Gabriel Batistuta was one of my favourite buys back then!). I consider myself to be extremely experienced in the game, tactics, player development are strong points. My latest career has been successfull. I am not one to save my game before big games or cheat using editors, i respect people that wish to do this as they want to change their game though. I like to feel the satisfaction of a good result, and also the agony of a bad one. However, I couldnt wait for FM 2011, so I updated the latest Transfer patch, giving Liverpool some good buys....and some not so good!!!

My career started well, Coming 5th in the Premier League and winning the Europa League and FA Cup. My second season saw a Community Shield Win and a Premier League Title. I also took over as Brazil boss on the 17/7/2011 in the latter stages of the Copa America and won that 6 days later. My third season saw another Community Shield win, Premier League Champions and Champions League winners.

My fourth season has been my most successful to date, winning the Community Shield, World Club Championship, Premier League and League Cup also finishing Runner Up in the Confederations cup to Argentina.

I hope to take over my homeland side, Scotland, and lead them to a World Cup in this game. I must point out Alexis Sanchez and Danny Wilson as 2 top performers over the last 4 seasons, including the usual suspects of Torres, Gerrard etc. Shelvey is looking good. and look out for Lukaku, Boutin, Puig, Dossi, Buonanotte, Vida, Lovren and Martin Abraham. I like to hire the best coaches possible from the start and assign them accordingly. This improves development at the lower levels hugely. I look forward to chatting with you guys. Take care. Cheers



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