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D-line/Mentality question

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So, I was thinking about my tactic to use in the new FM when I realized that I didn't understand one thing (among many others, of course :D).

The defensive line is somehow related to the team's mentality, which instructs the players to play higher or lower in the pitch. So, my question is, what's the connection between the defensive line and the player's mentality? Is there a relation between the notches you should give to the d-line and mentality? I guess playing with a d-line with 15 notches and the players having ~10 mentality isn't the same as if they have ~15 mentality, right?

Because I wanted to use a very high defense, with like 17 notches or so, but then how much mentality do I set my defenders to?

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How i i interpret DL is that it tells your defenders how to act mainly when not in possession (it still has an impact but smaller when in possession). If you want to play with a high defence, the best would be to use above the midst setting for mentality as well as above the midst setting for DL. This way the setting would prevent too large gaps in your team. In my view a DC with mentality 13 and DL 14 (or vice versa) would make your DC act as you described. Your mentality tells your DC to position himself further up the pitch (mentality of 8 would tell him to position himself closer to own goal), whilst the DL 14 tells him to move further up to start defending from here (it also influences his approach to position when in possession).

Pay attention to your formation/other players instructions before you choose how to achieve the high defence you want to play with. If you play with a DMC it would probably be better to not instruct you DC to push up whilst defending(Use higher mentality and leave DL closer to the middle), as the DMC should be able to protect this space and there is no need for the DC to push up.

Also another aspect of defending is not to leave too much gaps between your defence and midfield or pull the defence and midfield too close together. The DL in accordance with individual instructions is vital to not let this happen. For me the best way to do this is not to let the setting for DL be way above or below the individual mentality settings. I hope this explain something for you, interpreting the combination of the settings this way has worked well for me.

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