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Consortium takeover - Delisted from the stockmarket ?

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Im guessing this means that the shareholders stop getting their £20 million a year dividends now and I keep that in the balance every year instead ?

Been playing till 2070 with Dinamo Kiev and have £200 million in the bank but £20 million + a year for 50 years = £1 billion + !

May be able to use that to spend on players to win the Champions League again I hope.

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Some companies still pay dividends, even if they're not publicly listed.

Thanks for your reply X42.

The board now only take £10 million a season instead of the £20 million + even with the same profits and overall income each season. What did help is the consortium put in £139 million cash which took me to £340 million, went out bought a £28 million central defender and £29 milllion defensive midfielder and a few others and 2 seasons have just won the Champions League for the 2nd time with Dinamo Kiev. Still got £302 million in the bank too. The money they have put it in has helped me win the CL again at least.

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