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Few Ups, many downs. And real Madrid. My auto biography


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Ill start by saying this is my first story through the eyes of a football manager but seen has I have enjoyed one of my best ever saves I felt I had to tell some one. I’ve currently just started my 14th season and felt a brief biography of what I have achieved good and bad so far could be good reading, and then my life at the moment going forward.

Aston villa 2009-2012

I started as an inexperienced manager and took over a team that is trying to break in to the top 4, or shall we say 5 with man city and there bank balance. Priorities for the club were euro qualification but in my eyes with the right couple of players we could go for the fa cup and really push a top 4 spot. My first two weeks were the busiest of all at that club with many players coming and going, my main signings were,

Gibson, loan, man utd

Riquelme 8mill

Sanchez 18mill udinese

M diarra 7mill r,Madrid

Most of this was funded through a very easy decision to let Milner go to city for 31million, I now felt I had a really good chance this season with a bit of expieriance and excellent young buys to go along with some solid players like a,young,b,friedel, and my defence which I thought was strong and kept for pretty much all my time at the club.

The season summary goes as follows; my first five games were,

Arsenal 1-1

Wigan 3-0

Chelsea 2-2

Bolton 1-0

Portsmouth 7-1

Id remained unbeaten in my first 5 games and played well, sanchez in particular scoring 7 goals, but then next game was man utd at old Trafford, we all felt confident until we were 2-0 down at half time, 5 mins in to the second half and sanchez went down and stayed down, the final result was 5-0 and he was out for 5 months with a broken leg, I always felt my season went down hill after that, we were inconsistent through out the season with no real match winner although managed to get to the semi of the fa cup and europa league, but it was the premiership I wanted more, and with the last 3 games coming up we were sitting in 7th. Two draws and a win ment nothing as stoke got the last European spot. I felt ready to leave there and then, embarrassed with the final league position. But I must go on. The next season was a big improvement even though we wernt in Europe. Van der vaart, santa cruz and nani came in. I felt even more confident than this time last year. Skipping through out the season we managed to stay in the top 5 3rd one week, 5th next, then back to 3rd. until March time, our steam seemed to run out. We started loosing games, letting goals in every were, wins were becoming draws and draws were becoming losses. And yet again finishing 7th, no Europe couldn’t believe it one minute im thinking champs league next no Europe at all. Down but not gone I decided to give it one more go to bring the European nights back to Villa Park. Id spent most of my budget on 18mill striker macheada from man utd. I thought we just needed a 20 goal target man, he did it with the 2 time champions last season so I was positive, but I wont write much about my third season as it was the worst by far, finishing 10th with 18 million pound striker scoring 7 goals in 34 games, that was enough for me to admit failure, I always thought in the tree years I always thought we had a great squad that should of qualified for the champs league, but it was my fault, with some one else at the helm they could get them to play like a team and be strong, not just on paper but on the pitch as well. Just before deciding to quit and look else were, man utd finished 5th that season and alex ferguson retired and within a week were taken over by one of the richest tycoons I have ever seen. He wanted me…….. For some reason the only thing I achieved in three years at villa were three semi finals, I thought about the challenge, unlimited money, only in the europa league, and much of the man utd squad old and in need of young blood. Plus they haven’t finished out side the top 4 in over 20 years. A hard act to follow, Ill take it……..

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Welcome to FMS, sonic1484. A few tips I'd give would be the following;

1) Write for your enjoyment and others will follow in that. If you don't enjoy writing your stuff then it bleeds into your story and doesn't become as enjoyable for the readers.

2) Break it up a little. It's all rather clogged together at the end and makes it difficult for people to pick out key information.

3) Make use of bold and italic to give your paragraphs and information a bit of character. Not everyone does this, but it can help to attract some readers.

4) You might have a lot to catch up on, but make sure you give us just a little bit more information. As said above, the key information is vital and if it easy to pick out, people will flock to your story.

Good luck with the rest!

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What Mr. Renwick said. Welcome.

From a technical standpoint, you might also want to run your work through a spell checker before posting. You're missing punctuation and some words are misspelled, which can put off prospective readers.

Keep at it, keep writing and keep posting. Good luck!

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After quick contract negotiations it was deal done, I was now manager of one of the biggest teams in history, I new my targets, nothing less than being the dominant force in English football again, with an unlimited bank balance I realised nothing was impossible.

My first day with the squad was scary, I was taking over from the great Alex Ferguson and to succeed I had to break up what he had tried building and make my own. The average squad age was 30yrs old with many first teamers over that bracket. A new era was here.

After scouting Europe for the best of the best it wasn’t long before I was spending the chairman’s money, in came akinfeev in between the sticks for 18million. I brought pique back to old Trafford as I thought it was one of the biggest mistakes Alex ever did in letting him go. A great friendship with Ashley young convinced me he could fill the boots of the welsh wizard who retired and was never replaced, with David villa to form one of the strongest partnerships upfront the premiership has ever seen. Id spent over 130million in the space of 2 weeks, the pressure was on to deliver.

Things ran smoothly over the pre season and we were more than ready for the start of the season.

On the morning of my first match at old Trafford I was preparing my tactics for the game against Blackburn, they were strong in the middle of the park and managed well under allardyce. I knew they would put 10 men behind the ball and try to hit us on the counter.

My first line up was


Rafael Vidic Pique Evra

Valencia Anderson Fletcher Young

Villa Rooney

I decided to go for the attacking option, kill them off from the start and hopefully put the word out that Manchester utd was back in business.

Man utd vs. Blackburn old Trafford

We started the game well constantly attacking, getting shots on goal but Robinson was having a cracking game for Blackburn until the 43rd minute when young dribbled round 2 players in to the box and was brought down, penalty I could feel my pulse beating, I wanted a good start, a win, good performance after all this was a big club that expected success. Rooney placed the ball on the spot and placed it in the top left corner. 1-0 going in at half time was fair but I knew we needed more to get the result. In the dressing room they all looked tired, first couple of games was never easy, it was about getting back to full fitness at this point of the season whilst also getting the result. I decided to put park jisung on the right for Valencia and a young prospect called Eden Hazard in for Anderson. Hazard was a player I tried signing for Aston villa but was sold to man utd for a bigger transfer fee. His first season never really got going but I scouted him so much I new what he was capable of. Second half performance was much better, the penalty killed them off and Blackburn wasn’t the same. A first man utd goal for Villa and a second for Rooney sealed the three points.

Over the next couple of months we performed well keeping up with man city in the league and topping the Europa league I was confident. Even injuries to Young, Vidic and Rooney didn’t stop us. Unfortunately the league cup was interference, I decided to play a much weakened side against sheff utd at old Trafford and the inexperience showed, we lost 3-1 with welbeck getting our only goal.

By January it was looking good, with only us and man city really in the race for the title and our first knock out game in Europe only 5 to six weeks away to roma I was confident. Previous weeks running up to Christmas Id negotiated the deal to buy Romelu lukaku, a very young wonder kid from Belgium who has a goal ratio of 1.3 per game. At 18 million I thought he was a bargain as the kid had a bright future.

Fa cup third round

Leeds vs. man utd elland road

I decided not to take this game too lightly as we all no the fa cup is all about giant killing, and with the history the two clubs have it was a must win or I would never live it down. With us visiting Chelsea in our next game I had to pick a team that I thought could win but still try to rest one or two of my star players. I decided on a line up of


Rafael Ferdinand Pique Fabio

Park Anderson Hazard Young

Lukaku Welbeck

Both teams started well too well for my liking, within 10minutes young scored a cracking free kick from 30yards out, ronaldo style but then a mistake from the aging Ferdinand let in Gradel to equalize. Half time 1-1. At half time I told the lads this was embarrassing for a club of this stature and that they were much better than Leeds. I decided to throw on the big guns with Rooney and Villa replacing Lukaku Welbeck as we were getting the shots but our finishing was poor. A massive improvement ended up with Rooney scoring two goals to win 3-1. The only down fall was an injury to Pique which looked serious.

The build up to the Chelsea game was huge. City was 2 points clear scoring for fun and they hosted lowly Bolton on the Saturday while we played on the Sunday. So I decided to watch the game knowing a result for city would put us under massive pressure at Stanford Bridge the next day. I was also on a scouting mission as we had the Manchester derby in 2 weeks. Well they were a joy to watch, Tevez with two goals, de jong and balotelli made them 4-0 winners and 5 points top of the table.

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