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one thing i'd like to see in press conferences

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post game:

complaints about rough play by the other team - excessive fouling, players injured, lots of yellows/reds given, etc

then the other teams manager could respond in either a positive conciliatory way which could lead to less rough tackles in games later on, or in a negative adversarial way, upping the ante. this also could lead to interesting pre-match talk the next time the clubs meet, and maybe increase the intensity of the game/rivalry

or maybe this would be better in the talk to opposing manager options rather than press conferences? i rarely ever talk to the other managers, but this would give me a possible reason to

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or he could just ignore you and tell the press that you are bitter from the defeat

exactly! that kinda thing would cause me to make some not so nice comments to the media about the opposing manager. as it is right now, i never see any point in mind games comments or the like. but if the other manager was using tactics that were rough & may have harmed my players, i'd have good reason to go after him or wind him up

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