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FM11 Premier League Logos


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Now that it has been confirmed that FM11 will still not have the Premier licence I am trying to lessen the burden by making graphics for the Premier League which will be all released before the FM11 Demo. Here is my Premier League Logo Pack. All the logos are the clubs latest logo and are in high quality. To make them work simply create a folder in my documents>Sports Interactive>Football Manager 2011 called Graphics. Put the folder in there. Then open Football Manager 2011>Preferences>Display and Sound and untick use skin cache and tick always reload skin on confirm.

Here is the download link. Make sure you extract the folder.


PS: Thanks to GeordieG1971 for helping out!

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absolutely spot on mate, these are awesome, exactly what i needed :D

Thanks mate!

It's a great download but only fault is that they aren't in a straight line and abit wonky.

That's what happened on the older version. I have made a new version since where they are not wonky. The link is in the opening post.

Amazing Tiger Time. Great effort

Cheers mate.

thanks for this, it looks perfect in-game

Thanks a lot!

I'm loving all this great feedback. I might make some more logos. Which league shall I make logos for next?

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I tried downloading this just now, and it seems that the Brimingham, Blackpool and Wolves logos still aren't quite aligned properly.
Yeah, seems to be the case..

Really? On the demo they were fine. I will look into it anyway guys.

lovely, thanks!


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You need to create a graphics folder in my documents, sports interactive, football manager 2011. Then extract the download the the graphics folder.

Finally load up FM11, go to preferences, display and sound and untick use skin cache and tick always reload skin on confirm.

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