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the press hates me?!

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something happened to me in my recent games with a buddy of mine, and also my single player game. The press just hates me. In that example, I have taken Marbella and Pescara as my teams (Marbella in Multip., Pescara SP).

This is what happened: Slowly, my relations with the journalist of the local press deteriorates until it reaches Hatred and more or less stays there (it sometimes gets better to "Fierce dislike").

Now, the journalists will try to find answers which would not alter my squad morale positively, which is really annoying. Strangely, if I am interviewed by rival papers, they like me much more, and their interviews often result in positive media for the team and a positive response from the players. (FM 10.3)

This is what I do:

1) I tend to not give press conferences for new signings.

2) I mostly tend to answers that are not extreme.

3) I often play a "foreign" manager for the team I am managing.

4) I overachieve, regarding the media predictions.

Any hints? Anyone has had the same thing happen to him?

Thanks for your answers and experiences,


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This happens to me as well in pretty much every game I play. As in your case, its always the hometown reporters who don't like me. I tend to believe it is because I refuse to answer questions which will cause moral to tank or might fire up an opposition player. Having the media dislike you doesn't seem to have any effect, and is far better then saying something which will negatively affect me either in the transfer market or on the field.

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