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PLP Final Tactic: where are you?

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I found a crackling tactic called PLP_Final.tac somewhere on the FM boards (Dont remember which one) in the spring. I unfortunately had a hard drive go out and I hadnt backed up my FM folder in awhile and had to reinstall the game (Ugh!!!!!) I have been looking for the last couple weeks for this tactic and cant seem to find where I found it at. It was a 4-5-1 style formation that came with detailed instructions on what and when to use touchline instructions. I have tried the search here and cant seem to find it anywhere. Can someone possibly point me in the right direction?



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I just read this thread an I am very interested, however I do not quite understand how to set up the team>i am hoping for a little help please?

the team tactics are made using the tc with attacking as the starting strategy. The creator then changes to defensive and uses the shouts. the creator mentions that this doesnt mean the team will play defensive as he has already selected mentality etc. Does this mean he has checked MEntality to stay attacking? I cannot download the tactic so cannot look for myself.

Many thanks

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