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creating a WP feeder club in the editor


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i've tried creating a club to send my failed WPs out to

but all it comes up with is "an international partnership in which players are loaned"

so i can't sign those talented south american youths

i've tried copying the example set by Chelsea (for Westerlo) and Man Utd (for Antwerp) but have had no success

i did wonder whether or not the nation was actually in the EU, and it is (Bulgaria)

though requesting a WP feeder (ingame) only gives Belgian clubs (which due to the continuous residency, is no good)


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beginning to think that this was removed partially in 12.2

it only works for Belgian clubs, and starting a game with one and requesting a WP feeder gives you ANOTHER belgian club (coulda had Anderlecht and Standard Leige as feeders :p)

so i started with a dummy belgian feeder, but it won't get used (they'll be farmed to Bulgaria instead)

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