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Biggest penalty save

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My keeper just made the biggest PK save I've ever needed. I was playing as Napoli (first season) and somehow beat Man Utd 5-0 at home in the first knockout round of the Champions League. So we go back to Old Trafford, and United comes out with firing on all cylinders, and is 2-0 ahead in the first 25 minutes. At this point, my boys are getting pretty nervous alread, even with a three goal cushion. I make a couple of subs at halftime to try to settle down my side, but an unfortunate own goal a few minutes into the second half makes it 3-0 United. They pull back the 4th with over 15 miuntes remaining and are just pouring men forward. They have probanly ten shots after the 80th minute, but still can't find the equalizer. Then, in the 92nd minute, they finally get the PK opportunity. They have all the momentum; my guys are tired and de-moralized, it seems like a sure thing that United will equalize and go on to win the tie in extra time. Berbatov steps up to hit the penalty and absolutely crushes the ball to the top right corner. De Sanctis reads him all the way and at full stretch gets a hand to the ball to tip it over the bar and keep us in the competition.

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