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My Journeyman Career (FM11)


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Hi everyone!! Sorry for posting all those previous threads, I was merely trying to get used to the blogging system. Now, though, I will start a Journeyman's career, with inspiration coming from SRL88, whose I read and thoroughly enjoyed.

Also,, updates may take a few days between posts, so if I am not posting as much as you would like, feel free to ask me to do it more often.

My Career Goals

Win a minor league

Win promotion to a major league

Manage in the top flight of one of Europe's main countries

Win a domestic cup

Win a continental trophy

Win a top flight league

(I may add more depending on what I feel I can do).

I will start with Sunday League experience, and also unemployed, starting in July 2010.

Very quickly, after applying for all available jobs, I had contract offers from 3 teams in the N-League of South Korea. The most appealing was Cheonan City, and I soon signed a contract with them.


After mooching around, I discovered that they were halfway through their season, and in 4th on goal difference, which is also the last play-off spot. I signed a fair few players, most of them on free's, and we headed into the next game, which was the 3rd round of the Korean FA Cup. We were faced with Jeju away. This seemed almost, as they were in the K-League, and we were massive underdogs.

The Game

Jeju 5-2 Cheonan

As expected, we lost, but we showed some spirit come the end of the game. After an appalling first half, in which Jeju were 4-0 up, I rallied my team together, telling them to go out and do it for the fans. This worked, but our poor finishing let us down. We scored on 80 minutes, but it was no more than a consolation, especially considering they scored a fifth straight from the kick off. However, we added respectability to the scoreline again, with our striker thumping a long range effort in. I praised my team at the end of the game after a much better second half performance. My first game in charge, and despite the loss, I was pleased.


As Cheonan is only a semi-pro club, they didn't even have any coaches when I arrived, and I couldn't persuade the board to give me any more. So, I signed the best that were interested in the job, and their attributes were only as high as 8, but one had nearly perfect discipline, which is a plus.

For some strange reason, there were no games at all in the N-League this month, so I took the opportunity to set some friendlies and raise morale, and keep my players fit.

Cheonan 2-0 Daesu Tech High School

A very poor game, our standard of finishing was just abysmal, and we had to rely on an own goal to give us our first. We had 13 shots to their one, which put things into perspective. We should have dominated this game, but to only score 2 is a real wake up.

Cheonan 2-1 Jeonju

A poor game again, but against better opposition than last time. We outplayed them for most of the game, and I was disappointed to only come away with a 2-1 win. I was worried when they made it 1-1, but also pleased with my team for netting another.

We play one more friendly, (August), and I will let you know how it goes.

Thanks for reading, and goodbye!!

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My Journeyman Career-Cheonan City FC


We had a very hectic schedule this monthe, with no less than seven games played in the N-League.

Here are the results

Cheonan 1-1 HMD

My first point in charge of Cheonan, but we really should have won. We had 16 shots to their five, but we only got two on target, and their one on target proved to be their goal.

Kookmin Bank 1-0 Cheonan

A fairly even game, but none of our 6 shots were on target, which proved the difference.

Cheonan 3-1 Mokpo

Finally, my first win, and it came against bottom of th table Mokpo. Nam Ki-Il missed a 35th minute penalty, but Woo Jin-Suk put us one up right after the break. Mokpo pulled us back on 55", but we then got our next two sortly afterwards. A dominant win, which seemed to lift morale.

Changwon City 0-0 Cheonan

A good draw that we'll be happy to take, considering Changwon were the dominant side in the game, they had the bar countless times, and we had to clear a shot off the line, but we came away with a point.

Cheonan 2-3 Hallelujah

We were unfortunate not to win, but they are 2nd place in the league. They took the lead in the 8th minute, but we pegged them back 8 minutes later. After the break, we were awarded a penalty, and it was converted. However, two late goals won the match for Hallelujah.

Hummel 1-0 Cheonan

We deserved to lose this one, an uninspiring performance by the players.

Cheonan 1-2 Korea Railroad

We did not deserve to lose this one, but quality finishing proved the difference. I have focused my strikers on finishing training, as we can set great chances up but not finish them accurately.

So, a lacklustre month sees us sitting 11th in the 14 team league. I have signed some more players, but they don't arrive until January. I did express interest in the Mansfield job, but the fans were very unhappy, but the board didn't seem to care, which, for me, is a first.

Anyway, I'm hoping for a better month in October, and I hope we can hit some good form!

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So, I finished off the season with Cheonan, we won just one out of six games in October, but throughout the month I was expressing interest in other posts and applying for other jobs altogether. This really annoyed the board, but, despite their countless ultimatum's, they kept accepting my apologies. We finished the season off well in November, winning our only game away to Gangneung City 1-0. After this, the board offered me a contract renewal for another year, which I expected, then, 3 days later, I was officially sacked. It beats me why they bothered to offer me a contract renewal, but I was looking forward to see my new signings come in for the new year.

So, after countless failed job applications in a month and a half, I was offered a job at 21st placed Blue Square Bet South Team Havant & Waterlooville. They were in deep financial trouble, and also £500 over the wage budget. I was hopeful that I could save them from relegation, but it would mean a lot of hard work.


Woking 4-2 Havant & W

We took the lead in the third minute, but they equalized on 5". We went ahead again on the half hour mark, and stayed there until half time. However, after the break, we had two defenders sent off in five minutes, and Woking used this to mount a comeback. I blew my top off at these two players after the game, and let them know how I felt.

Havant & W 0-3 Dorchester

Once again, it was an even game until half-time, and we went in level. Once again, we had a sending off, which motivated Dorchester and led them to win comfortably.


Havant & W 0-2 Woking

Playing Woking again, we had another player sent off, which allowed for Woking to come out on top.

Eastleigh 0-2 Havant & W

Finally, a win! We came out on top over our rivals, in a game which could have gone either way.

In this break, we signed a few quality players, and the best of this lot was Jordan Hibbert, who was released from QPR. He is 5 star rated, and 5 star potential. I hope that he can gel into the team quickly, as I feel he will help save our season.

Havant & W 1-1 Hampton & Richmond

A solid performance from the team, nice to see we didn't let the previous win go to our heads.

Weston-Super-Mare 2-3 Havant & W.

A solid win, which saw us go 2-0 up quickly, and then have the Mare come back, but Jack Sampson scored his second to win the game on 81", but I was worried when midfielder Sammy Igoe was sent off in the 87th minute, but we hung on for the three points.

Thanks for reading this guys, and I will have an update in a few days!

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