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Signal Iduna Park - Dortmund (Stadium Issue)

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Currently in June 2019 and I get a message saying they are upgrading the youth facilities. I already have them in progress so decided to check the board room details. I notice on the actual day they mentioned the youth facilities it says they started planning 'Build new stadium'.

Firstly, the £2.5 million youth facilities didn't get added to the list. Maybe due to a year long expansion is still ongoing?

Secondly, I got no mention about the stadium. Will I get an inbox message when planning is finished?

Thirdly, Signal Iduna Park got expanded to a 100,720 all-seated stadium last season. Even though we sell out is it really necessary to build another stadium? I doubt the new one will hold much more than that.

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I'd raise it in the bugs forum. Might just be an incorrect message triggering when it should trigger the "building a new stadium" message?

I've upgraded my youth and training facilities a few times now playing as Dortmund and I haven't had that problem.

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Normally checking club 'Information', 'Facilities' tells you if they are currently building one. I just wondered if I will get a message after the planning stage?

I've only had one stadium build in FM and it went straight to building, no planning needed.

It has a start date and finish date, but currently only says 'Planning' (only a week in progress). I will continue and also try a backup save to test. I don't see any need for a new stadium.

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After 12 months of planning without notice the board just came out to announce the building of a new stadium. So not really a bug, it's just they didn't tell me about the planning stage.

Turns out to be in my favour because in those 12months I won the league, cup and surprisingly the champions league. Only an Icon and they decided to name it after me! Score!


Cost: £394mil

Offset by selling Signal Iduna Park: £159mil

Balance went down from £240mil to around £33mil.

Stadium 131,906 capacity with under soil heating, will take two years to build. Wonder how far it can be expanded. Stupidly large stadium though.

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